Who we are

We are executives with strong business and technology expertise proven on the digital battlefields leading a squad of creative and engaged professionals capable of conquering the new digital world.

Together we have more than 45 years of credible track records of successful project delivery.

Our primary value is effectiveness and the second creativity. Innovation is what we believe in.

Trust us and you won’t regret it.

Hire us. It will be your move to success!

What we do in IT

What we focus on

We are also always actively searching for new challenges and fields to extend into.

Start running for

your success.

We know technology behind IT

PHP | Java | C#| .NET | Guidewire | Cobol | SAS | Oracle | Websphere | Angular | React | Salesforce

Frameworks we use

DevOps | Docker | Bitbucket | Jenkins | Selenium | BDD (Behaviour-Driven Develpomnet)

We know how IT works


our track record defines us


  • Implementation for one of the largest European insurers [15M+ clients, 14K+ users]
  • Post go-live maintenance


  • Implemented for one of the largest European retail Banks [10M+ clients, loans, online transactions, card payments]
  • SME audit for one of the largest European Insurers [15M+ clients, advanced analytics]


  • Implementation [10M+ clients]
  • Post merge integration [380K+ clients, 6 months]
  • Team ramp-up for Pan European Bank [100+ FTE, 2 months]

How to start cooperation with us?

It is simple, just follow these steps.

Step 1

You let us know what
your needs are

Step 2

We prepare a tailor made solution for you

Step 3

We kick-off the project and start our digital journey

Step 4

You get the timely and successful delivery of what you ordered

Where you can find us

Project locations:

Berlin | Londyn | Zurych | Amsterdam | Kopenhaga | Helsinki | Oslo | Sztokholm | New York

Delivery team:

Warszawa | Mińsk | Kijów

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