We specialize in two areas: digital transformation and project rescue.
We’re a team of trouble-shooting problem-solvers and technology experts
who excel at helping companies when they face crucial issues.

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How we helped

How we helped Robert,

CTO at a healthcare company

A startup built an e-health system as a proof of concept and partnered with a large healthcare company for its future development. Market validation came early and the partner expected the half-baked system to be rolled out. However, it lacked most of the required features and, under heavy use, the system crashed at the worst times.

How we helped Andrzej,

Head of CRM at an insurance company

A CRM system was the main source of information on 16 million customers of a large insurance company and was used internally by everyone, from insurance agents to top level executives. However, the open-source technology was on the verge of crashing, while its expected development had become too problematic to handle. To keep up with new demands, the system required extensive refactoring.

Over our 15+ years of experience, we have witnessed the challenges faced by many businesses.
Whether they worked with an external vendor or relied on internal IT capabilities, the problems were generally universal.

We are an experienced and dedicated team of technology experts that relish new and complex challenges.
We have been fortunate to work with a number of notable brands, companies and organizations, while gaining experience at top technology consulting companies, such as Accenture and Deloitte.

While working in partnership with our clients, we provide a trusted, insightful and collaborative approach, and support them through and beyond their digital transformation.

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We have overseen and managed hundreds of projects. We know what to look for and how to get projects back on track.
We would be delighted to join your digital frontline with a squad of creative and engaged professionals capable of building and pioneering in the new digital world.



I have partnered blue-chip companies and start-ups for over 16 years while introducing revolutionary technologies and guiding complex transformations.

I have been responsible for numerous B2C and B2B technology and business development projects with multi-million budgets in a variety of industries internationally (PL, DE, IT, ES, PT, SI), including banking, insurance, healthcare and telecoms. In addition, it has been my privilege to coach start-up entrepreneurs within the MIT Enterprise Forum.

I am passionate about developing mobile, AI and blockchain technologies, as well as building successful cross-functional teams with distinct competencies (such as Guidewire, Alnova, Python, R, SAS, or Tableau/Salesforce).

I have the deep trust of my client, who value my efficiency as passionate innovator and entrepreneur.



I have worked in the area of digital transformation for almost 15 years across different organizations, industries and geographies.

I bridge the technology and innovation worlds, acting as a delivery leader in a rapidly changing IT environment. I have been supporting companies in adopting Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery frameworks, DevOps and agile methodologies.

I work with:
Languages: Java, PHP, PL/SQL, 4GL, COBOL/JCL, C#, C/C++, Python
Databases: ORACLE, MySQL, DB2, PostgresSQL
Frameworks: J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Laravel, Symfony, Zend Mainframe tools (OS/390):TSO, Control-M, ChangeMan, File-Aid, Spufi, ISPF, Xpenditer
SAS tools: Data Integration Studio, Enterprise Guide, Enterprise Miner, Visual Analytics, Management Console

It has been my privilege to lead technological project within the largest banking, insurance and healthcare companies in the region, while successfully implementing core-banking, anti-fraud and CRM systems.

Clients value my interdisciplinary experience in systems architecture, programming and project delivery.

Let’s face it, not every project goes as planned.

Projects generally find it difficult to meet all objectives around the iron triangle of time, cost and scope, along with stakeholder satisfaction. Some get into deep water and need to be rescued.

We’re often brought in when the relationship with a vendor has broken down, the in-house team is struggling to meet the demands, or the organization is not able to hire costly Tier-1 vendors.

We come in, appraise what exists and determine the best course of action to nurture the project to completion or a significant milestone.

Whether your system has reams of documentation or not (the more common scenario), we have years of experience in putting projects back on track. We’re happy to get our hands dirty and give you an honest assessment of the best way forward.

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We are also always actively searching for new challenges and fields to extend into.

working with the several leading banks in the region

working with the largest and most innovative insurance companies and insurance brokers in Poland and CEE

working with the largest pharmaceutical group in Poland, and second largest clinical-trial company in Europe


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